Q: Is navel piercing very painful?

A: You will find various answers to this question, because different people have different tolerance levels in regards to pain. Someone uses anesthesia, someone doesn’t find it necessary. One person is piercing navel at home, while most people are smart enough to go to a licensed piercer. All these nuances count. Most girls characterize this procedure as “not very painful”.


Q: Is belly button piercing more painful than ear piercing?

A: Since many girls already have their ears pierced, it would be really useful to compare these 2 types of piercing. Experts say that navel piercing hurts less than cartilage piercing, so you can imagine.


Q: To be more specific, how would you score pain level: 1-10?

A: Most people say it’s 2-3 out of 10.


Q: Can I feel sick when navel piercing is being done?

A: Actually, if you don’t obsess over the whole thing, everything will pass so quickly that you won’t even notice it. Normally it’s like a pinch. Try not to look at the needle or give too much importance to the process and you’ll manage to minimize painful sensations.


Q: How else can I reduce pain during navel piercing?

A: If you make the area numb before the procedure, you’ll be able to alleviate painful sensation. That could be done with ice, ethyl chloride and cryogesic sprays. Also make sure you choose a reputed piercing parlor and an experienced piercer.


Q: Are there any other secrets to make the moment less stressful?

A: Well, close your eyes and breathe deeply when the moment comes. Imagine how sexy you’ll look in summer with an awesome jewelry in your belly button. Promise yourself some reward after everything is over for being so brave.