The days when belly button piercing has been more inherent to fans of alternative fashion are far behind. Today navel piercing, adorned with seducing body jewelry, belongs to mainstream. Piercing among pop and movie stars has become an absolutely usual phenomenon. No wonder why more and more girls wish to decorate their cute flat stomachs with elegant or extravagant body jewelry. New and new models of barbells and belly rings come into the market. Many of them are so adorable that you want to wear a few simultaneously. Actually, you can if you decide to have a double navel piercing done. Intrigued? Then this article is for you. We’ll offer a few interesting options for double piercing of your belly button and tips on what kind of body jewelry you can choose for your awesome double piercing.

Top & Bottom Belly Button Piercing: How Is It Done?

The navel itself doesn’t normally get pierced, the hole is made vertically through the skin just above the belly button. This one is the most widespread kind of belly button piercing. Sometimes it’s combined with another vertical piercing in the skin fold just below the navel (inverse type). This one is rarely carried out solely. Most often it’s combined with the top belly button piercing to get a double effect. Double belly piercing can also provide a designer pattern of the navel area if horizontal and vertical piercings are used together.

Double Navel Piercing: Possible Variations

  1. Double vertical piercing. This one combines a standard naval piercing just above your navel with another piercing through the lower edge of your belly button. As a result, with 2 bananabars inserted, you will get a vertical line of 4 balls.
  2. Double top piercing. This one is like standard piercing above the navel, only double, i.e. two belly button piercings with a gap of a few millimeters between them. Having inserted 2 pieces of body jewelry, you will get them hanging into your naval cavity at angles.
  3. Double horizontal piercing. This one suggests 2 independent piercings at both sides of your belly button that can be joined with a long barbell.
  4. Combo piercing when 4 jewelry pieces are located symmetrically horizontally and vertically, forming “+” shape.
  5. Deep belly button piercing paired with a bottom piercing. The deep kind is performed similar to the standard one, only it’s done through a larger skin patch.

Double Piercing Of Your Belly Button: Which Body Jewelry To Opt For?

Some parents forbid their teen-age daughters to have a double belly button piercing done. This issue can’t be interpreted unequivocally. On the one hand, self-expression belongs to young girls’ priorities, while adults often fail to understand that piercing is not just holes made in one’s body. From the other hand, any girl can wait till she’s 16 to make piercing without parents’ consent. So, once you are free to do it, how can you make it look really awesome? With double belly rings and other trendy types of body jewelry, yes!

  • Two curved barbells for each piercing look cute and stylish.
  • Plain bars of titanum or stainless steel are for fans of minimalistic style.
  • Tiny tangles shaped as dolphins, anchors, flowers, etc. of various colors belong to absolute hits since they suit casual style and are preferred by most girls.
  • Fancy longer dangles look awesomely bold in combination with a more modest top piercing jewelry. This way they will not get in the way of one another. Be careful, however, not to buy too long dangles that can get caught in your waistband.
  • A navel ring and a stud for double belly button piercing is a striking combination that you’ll love.
  • Personalized danglers with your own initials are an excellent idea, so close to many girls who truly love themselves.

Standard Belly Button Piercing, Double Navel Piercing… What’s Next?

Belly button piercing, unquestionably, belongs to one of the most attractive and seductive piercing types. Some enthusiasts get so excited about the idea of belly decoration that they can’t stop after a regular standard navel piercing but opt to proceed in this direction. Eventually, a girl may come up with a double or even quadruple piercing. Multiple piercings are placed strategically around the belly button to provide more opportunities for presentation of elaborate body jewelry on your beautiful flat stomach.

When To Make Double Navel Piercing?

Healing time for belly button piercing is quite long – 6-12 months. That’s why it’s better to plan the procedure for autumn or winter. This way by summer you will be able to present your beauty at the beach. Another plus is you won’t have to restrict your desire to swim in open waters, worrying about infection. Besides, it’s much easier to care about the wound when it’s not hot, since sweating accelerates bacteria propagation and raises risks of inflammation. So, in this question planning is a good thing.

If you are at the stage of pregnancy planning, it’s better not to do navel piercing: the wound won’t heal until your belly begins to grow. You will have to take the jewelry out and let the holes close up. Even those who have made navel piercing a year prior to the moment when pregnancy occurred may lose the initial beauty of the pierced belly button, since sometimes this term turns out insufficient to complete formation of the channel and prevent it from deformation. Piercing itself, however, isn’t harmful for your future baby.

Well, double navel piercing as a form of body art is gaining a wide popularity. For some young people it serves as a form of teenage protest, for others – as an attribute of a certain subculture, yet for most women it’s still a way to raise their sexual appeal. Hmm…if you believe it will make you a little happier than you are, why not have it done then?