What are the dangers of piercings?

Beauty at the cost of blood

However, there are areas where piercings are not only undesirable, but really dangerous. It is quite common among young people to have piercings in the mouth area – on the lips and tongue.

According to Svetlana Zhatova, dentist of the children’s dental clinic № 1, piercing in the mouth poses many dangers.

The oral cavity, the tongue – this is the location of a large number of nerves and blood vessels. Unfortunately, teenagers do not always get pierced by specialists who have an idea of anatomy, and prefer to turn to amateur piercers. Vascular trauma arising in the process of piercing can lead to the development of severe bleeding (again, you need the appropriate knowledge to stop it), and nerve damage is fraught with the development of severe paresis, disfiguring the face.

In addition, mouth piercings are always a source of infection. It is very difficult to clean, so there accumulate harmful substances, dangerous microorganisms, which very often leads to inflammation. It should not be forgotten that piercings interfere with natural oral hygiene.

It turns into scars.

It should not be forgotten that by adorning themselves with piercings in their youth, a person often condemns himself to ugliness in their adulthood. With age, the artificial holes in the body tend to turn into scars, especially with regard to the large diameter channels, which today you can see in teenagers in the ears. In addition, the piercing is a place of constant irritation. And this can eventually lead to tissue degeneration and the development of malignant processes. Finally, mouth piercings are a very common cause of dental trauma.

– Teenagers with tongue piercings usually have a bad habit of clicking the bar on their teeth,” says Svetlana Zhatova, “which leads to trauma to tooth enamel and the teeth themselves. I had a boy who is fond of piercing – he is covered with these bars and makes them for others (this folk craftsman). So, as a result of the rod tapping on his teeth, he had a severe chipping of enamel on the upper front teeth. Frankly speaking, any dentist is averse to the sight of a foreign body in the tongue, because we as specialists understand how unhygienic and fraught with various consequences this is.

Doctors recommend teenagers to think carefully before making a piercing in the mouth: there is too big a chance that following the fashion will turn into real trouble.

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