Q: Why does belly piercing get infected?

A: Belly button is the area, prone to infection if it’s pierced. So when you don’t give proper care to your piercing, it gets infected.


Q: If I pierce my navel myself, are the chances higher that it will get infected.

A: Well, yes. If you are not a professional, you may use the tools improperly or apply non-sterilized equipment, which certainly causes problems in future.


Q: How soon can you feel that your belly button piercing is infected?

A: Normally signs of infection would appear no sooner than in a week since the procedure was done. It won’t happen right away.


Q: How will I understand that my navel piercing is infected?

A: It will be red, not a little pink, but red, and the redness won’t pass for days. Besides, there will be swelling for an extended period of time. Yellow or green pus is also a very bad sign.


Q: How should I react in case of minor infection?

A: If you spot just a little bit of white pus, you are likely to have a minor infection. Just proceed with your aftercare routine, and infection signs should disappear.


Q: Does clear discharge and crust at the openings of my jewelry indicate infected belly piercing?

A: No, on the contrary, it’s lymph which is a sign of a healing process.


Q: Is it normal if I feel aching, stinging and burning in the area of my piercing?

A: It’s normal only a few days after piercing. However, there shouldn’t be any sharp pains.


Q: Should I remove my jewelry if I think my piercing is infected?

A: No, that would be a mistake. You will urge the piercing to close up, letting infection to develop inside. The best you can do is to go on with your cleansing procedures and see your piercer immediately.