Q: What is the easiest way to make a fake navel piercing?

A: There are clip-on belly button rings and fake magnetic rings in some stores. You may use them to make your fake navel piercing look very realistic.


Q: How to use clip-on belly button rings?

A: They work similar to clip-on earrings. Pull back the hinged arm of the belly button clip to open it, place its bottom into your navel and press it to close.


Q: Can I use stick-on jewelry?

A: Of course. You can fix it with adhesive and pair with a silver bead or substitute with the cut back of a stud earring that needs to be adhered to your skin.


Q: What type of adhesive to use to attach jewelry?

A: It can be anything like body glue, eye-lash or nail glue. Even toothpaste or spirit gum will do.


Q: How to make a fake piercing?

A: Stick the jewelry above your belly button. A stick-on piece doesn’t require any adhesive. Self-made jewelry needs to be glued. Glue the bead inside your belly button as well. (If you want a dangling jewelry, you may use a dangle earring. Just remove its hook with pliers, leaving the top loop of the earring). Let everything dry.


Q: Can I use super glue?

A: No, don’t use super glue or you’ll have problems when you want to remove your fake belly button jewelry.


Q: If I have an outie type of belly button, can I still make a fake piercing?

A: You can try, but it’s hard to make it look realistic. You need to position the pieces very carefully and make sure that the adhesive you use isn’t visible.


Q: If I don’t want to use any glue on my skin, are there any other ways to secure my fake belly button piercing?

A: Instead of glue you may use tiny magnets (one-eighth in diameter). Glue the magnets to the beads and place them on your navel.