Q: Why do navel piercing scars occur?

A: If you have lately done navel piercing, and now you remove the jewelry, you skin cells will begin to produce substance, known as collagen, to cover the wound. Wound repair leads to scarring.

Q: Will the scar remain visible forever?

A: Scars may have different texture and color. If piercing is performed not by a professional, a risk of visible scarring is much higher. Years after piercing a belly button piercing scar normally becomes less and less visible, practically matching the tone of the surrounding skin.

Q: Can belly button piercing lead to stretch marks and scarring during pregnancy?

A: It can, although it depends. In early pregnancy navel piercing won’t cause you any troubles. But as your belly is growing, the piercing may stretch and enlarge. The jewelry gets caught in clothes, leading to inflammation and possible scarring. Usually it happens when you get pregnant within 12-18 months after piercing was made. Normally belly button piercing heals completely only after 12 months.

Q: How to make little navel scar less visible at home?

A: Vitamin E is a very effective home remedy. Wash your hands previously and massage the scar, first without vitamin E. Afterwards pierce a capsule with vitamin E, squeeze some oil on your finger and massage it into the scar. Do the procedure 3 times a day.

Q: How to get rid of a belly button piercing scar?

A: If you’ve got scars after pregnancy and they haven’t disappeared after childbirth, you can remove them in clinics where they use laser technologies. Laser scar removal allows you to get rid of them once and for all.

Q: Are there any other ideas of how to disguise a belly button piercing scar?

A: Some women opt to do another piercing in the place of the scar, however, if you have to remove jewelry again and let the hole close, the scar will turn out to be even more visible than before.