Q: Is navel piercing very painful?

A: You will find various answers to this question, because different people have different tolerance levels in regards to pain. Someone uses anesthesia, someone doesn’t find it necessary. One person is piercing navel at home, while most people are smart enough to go to a licensed piercer. All these nuances count. Most girls characterize this procedure as “not very painful”. Read more..

Q: Why do navel piercing scars occur?

A: If you have lately done navel piercing, and now you remove the jewelry, you skin cells will begin to produce substance, known as collagen, to cover the wound. Wound repair leads to scarring. Read more..

Q: Is aftercare necessary for belly button piercing?

A: Absolutely. Navel piercing makes a direct access to your blood flow. If you don’t care for it properly and regularly, it will get infected and you’ll have big problems. Read more..

Q: Why does belly piercing get infected?

A: Belly button is the area, prone to infection if it’s pierced. So when you don’t give proper care to your piercing, it gets infected. Read more..

Q: What is the easiest way to make a fake navel piercing?

A: There are clip-on belly button rings and fake magnetic rings in some stores. You may use them to make your fake navel piercing look very realistic. Read more..